Momiji-manju Hiroshima specialty

更新日:2019年1月14日(Mon) 12:48


I received “momiji-manju” for a gift.

It’s Steamed bead-jam bins in the shape of maple leaves, made from Kagetsudou sponsored by Hiroshima Toyo Carp(Japanese pro baseball team).


I enjoyed the various taste.
Five kinds, bean jam, bean jam paste, custard cream, chocolate, and green tea.

Momiji manju

“Momiji manju” is a popular souvenir from Hiroshima in Japan.

bean jam momiji-manju

Bean jam taste is good of course.

custard cream momiji-manju

Custard cream also matches momiji-manju.

I thought this is the European-style taste different from original momiji-manju.

更新日:2019年1月14日(Mon) 12:48

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